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Yes. Currently we have outside representation in many areas across the US and will be happy to present our technology, process and pricing. Please contact us and we will arrange for a representative in your area to schedule a visit, or if we do not have a representative in your area yet we can have a representative schedule a trip to your location.

Our laser engraving technology uses amplified light to melt tiny dots, or points into the glass. By controlling the amount and distance of these points from one another, the design is melted into the glass in spectacular detail.

Pricing varies widely according to glass type, size, volume and design. Feel free to send us your vision or quote request and art and we’ll get back to you promptly with pricing. You can send that info via our contact form HERE or email us at

Because the surface engraving process involves melting the glass instead of pitting it like is done in sandblasting or some other techniques, the surface is much easier to clean. Fingerprints do not stain and are easily removed with glass cleaner.

Yes, this engraving technology can be utilized before or after tempering without affecting the integrity of the glass.

De-coating is a term we use to describe the precise laser removal of paint from glass or silvering from mirrors to create unique, grayscale images in either medium.

Standard production time varies based on the size and volume of your project. However, in general for lower quantities of clear, low-iron, satin and mirrors, production is usually 2-4 weeks from art approval and 5-6 weeks for back-painted and textured glass.

Yes. Glass in itself is inherently sustainable and our engraving process does not use any inks, chemicals, acids, blasting media and does not produce any harmful byproducts. We only use clean laser light that melts glass to the exact design specified.

Our maximum glass size is 70” x 118” x ¾” and our maximum engraving area is 67” x 106”. Glass can also be tiled together for much larger engravings.

Yes, we can ship locally by truck and domestically and internationally by protecting your glass in specially made wood crates.

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