The Sentient Experience

A revolutionary light sculpture and transformative design experience by artist, Christophe Piallat in partnership with RadianceGlass


Sentient is a laser-engraved mirror and glass panel that combines photography, sculpture, design, and lighting into a multi-sensory art experience. The ground-breaking design allows light to create a constantly changing image, mood, and presence in any architectural or landscape environment. The panel’s blend of reflection and translucency transforms normal photographic viewing into a sculptural light experience and brings life and modern elegance to any new design project. Images and panels can be custom made to meet the aesthetic and functional needs for any architectural, design or landscaping project.


The panels continually transform through out the day and night depending on the position of the sun or artificial light source, the viewer’s perspective, or type of installation chosen. Potential installations include: freestanding indoor or outdoor sculptures, window or skylight accents, partitions, tables, exterior facades, and fountains. Even though Sentient panels are one of a kind art objects, they function within a myriad of architectural and design applications.


Presence is everything


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