Veterans Memorial Freedom Wall

City of Jeffersontown, Kentucky


Laser Engraving the Glass

Radiance Glass was honored to be commissioned to engrave the Veterans Freedom Memorial Wall as a centerpiece at the Veterans Memorial Park in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. Radiance Glass utilized its laser engraving/de-coating technology for its many advantages, including:

  • Highly detailed art
  • Etching that will last forever
  • Using only laser light, the process is environmentally friendly
  • Allows for edge and back-lighting

Radiance Glass worked with local designer Phillip Booth of Phillip Booth Creative and the City of Jeffersontown to create a unique design that shows tribute to our veterans and is certain to last the test of time.


Veterans Memorial Park

Each section of the glass wall was assembled piece by piece. As the wall began to come together, you could feel the influence and emotion of the tribute. Upon completion, the wall formed a truly powerful scene, one that veterans and civilians alike are deeply touched to see.

“It was our sincere intention to honor the American Veteran and to evoke a strong sense of appreciation for those whose freedom they protected and preserved. The Freedom Wall is a symbol to the courage, honor, commitment and service that all military personnel demonstrated both past present and into the future.” The Freedom Wall will stand as a memorial to the freedoms that all Americans should be blessed to enjoy.”

Mayor Bill Dieruf, City of Jeffersontown, KY


Open to the Public on Veterans Day

The wall was publicly presented on Veterans Day 2018 and is the largest of its kind in the world. The Radiance Glass team utilized its laser engraving/de-coating technology to create this one of a kind glass monument, showing tribute for all that served the 5 branches of our military.

“The project provided an opportunity to create an impressive memorial using a combination of traditional and contemporary design influences and material,” Meunier said. “The resulting plaza and monument reflects the strength and valor demonstrated by American service people throughout the decades. As a focal point for the park, Veterans Memorial Plaza and ‘Freedom Wall’ create a sense of unity complementing the other exhibits and memorials at the park.”

Matthew W. Meunier, PLS, AICP - Director of Community Development/ Assistant to the Mayor

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